This page "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in different languages" has been an ongoing effort for many years. It all started back in 1995 when I created my first web site. It was a simple web site with today's standard but I was hooked to web design. This "Merry Christmas" page was first created in 1996 in time for Christmas as a part of my first web site.

My first web site is gone since many years but I have kept this page and updated it through the years. Even since I became a professional web developer I have kept the look of the page quite intact. In fact, this page has followed me through different projects and companies from Sweden to Singapore.

I hope you appreciate this page because I have spent a lot of time designing and redesigning the page as well as in research to find and correct all the languages. The sources are far too many to be mentioned here. Some sources are traditional, like books, and others are online.

I also want to thank all of you who have contributed with new languages and helped me with corrections - Thank You. I hope you continue to help me in my efforts with this page.

To all of you who read this page I hope you will have a peaceful Christmas filled with warmth and joy and a festive holiday season.

With warmest regards,

Tommy Pettersson